Who we are


This is with reference to your interest in investing in Momomia. By opening these outlets we aim at targeting consumers - more of Youth, youngsters, college-goers, teenagers who are fond of fast food which symbolizes both quality and economy.

We are confident of attracting huge numbers as our product is unique in the sense of its taste, price and value proposition to the customer.

We have carefully analyzed and segmented our approach towards youth and keeping in mind the taste levels of this group we have created this special product with a blend of unique spices inside.

We have identified a massive market for Momos lovers- we are a specialist in our product. Although the segmentation is Youth, we have been witnessing a huge change in the taste demands of the remaining group of elders who like our product as well.

Keeping this in mind the product has been developed and variants have been constantly produced in such a way that we are able to attract maximum categories and age groups as well.

Our Vision

Momomia aims to become India’s largest chain of momos and to create lots and lots of job opportunities.


Opp GL Publication, Lachitnagar, GS Road, Guwahati, Gauhati 781007

Opening hours

11:00 am to 10:00 pm